On one not so special day in 2007, a young immigrant living in the United States learned that his father and aunt had died back in a remote Nigerian village. Though he had been in the United States for decades, he was heartbroken as he processed the news. His pain deepened as he learned that their deaths could have been prevented with simple medical procedures. As he processed his grief and dug deeper into what had happened, he realized he wasn’t alone in his loss. People were dying every day from preventable diseases due to lack of access to quality and affordable healthcare.

In October 2011, this man decided to plant a seed – to build a new medical center to be dedicated to the people of his community. That seed grew into Upon This Rock (UTR) Medical Center. In the years since its founding, UTR Medical Center has become the leading provider of high quality healthcare services in the community.

UTR's facility getting built.

UTR’s facility being built in 2012.

On December 31, 2012, UTR Medical Center was dedicated to God and opened its door to serve the community. Mission to Heal from Maryland, USA delivered free medical services and drugs treating over 1,650 patients and performing 44 surgical operations. Project SAVE donated medical supplies and equipment. We became deeply committed to providing quality and affordable health care from that day on.

Today, a highly trained medical doctor, specialized licensed nurses, midwives, medical professionals and support staff continue the legacy of this young engineer’s vision in his community in Nigeria.

The search for quality healthcare ends with UTR Medical Center. Our services excel in both quality and cost-effectiveness. Whether it is educational services or high-tech emergency, trauma or cardiac care, UTR Medical Center provides the services necessary for life’s many different stages.